RegTech Regulatory Technologies

Course Title: Executive Program in Regulatory Technologies: Global strategies and Scenarios

Delivery Locations: Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE

Syndicated case location visits: Dubai International Financial Center (DFIC) Abu Dhabi Global Markets – Regtech Labs (ADGM)

Duration: 5 days

Dates: TBD

Obtain credentials and enhance skill sets and professional competence in Regulatory Technologies (REGTECH) and drive change.

Executive Summary

While the name is new, the marriage of technology and regulations to address regulatory challenges has existed for some time with varying degrees of success. Increasing levels of regulation and a greater focus on data analytics, Business Intelligence and Reporting has, however, brought the RegTech offering into greater focus, thereby creating more value for the firms that invest in these solutions.

Based on our research and reviews of the various applicable industries (Banking and finance, Insurance, Telecommunications) and key Ministries, departments and Agencies in the public sector, we seek to explore how firms and organizations can benefit from regulatory technology and in particular how they can leverage regulatory focused data to better understand and manage their compliance risks.

“Every 10 minutes there are changes in Global Regulation – Thompson Reuters”

Furthermore, we seek to highlight:

  1. • RegTech solutions (and the underlying technology) that are becoming more prominent in the market

  2. • The benefits of RegTech

  3. • The significance of the experienced financial services professional in the RegTech/FinTech era

  4. • How best to leverage RegTech to plot your regulatory journey for the future

Executive Program in Regulatory Technologies: Global strategies and Scenarios

Module 1

Introduction to the RegTech Universe

  • • Introduction

  • • Defining RegTech

  • • The Key Business drivers: Case for RegTech innovation

  • • Overview of the RegTech ecosystem participants

Module 2

Which risk and compliance challenges are the most salient today?

  • • Risk management and stress testing: modelling, scenario analysis and forecasting

  • • Regulatory reporting

  • • Client on-boarding and KYC: Identification of client and legal persons

  • • AML and CFT: payment transactions monitoring, tracing and auditing

  • • Conduct monitoring (bribery/corruption risk, market surveillance, customer protection…)

  • • Trading in Financial Markets compliance (best execution, margin computation…)

  • • New regulation identification and related impact analysis

  • • Data protection compliance and other applications

Module 3

The technologies and concepts underpinning RegTech innovation

  • • The digital revolution

  • • Internet Commoditization and Cloud Computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)

  • • Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence

  • • Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain

  • • Other technological developments

  • • Utility services

  • • Other trends

Module 4

Concrete applications of RegTech: the use cases

  • • Introduction to a panel of concrete use cases

  • • The Global dynamics: reshaping the risk and compliance function

Module 5

RegTech innovation and adoption: blockers and enablers

  • • the regulatory landscape challenge

  • • the technology and standard challenge

  • • the RegTech strategy challenge

  • • the collaboration and engagement challenge

Module 6

Exploring the broader perspective of RegTech and conclusion remarks

  • • Where is the frontier with SupTech, FinTech, LegalTech, TaxTech, InfoSec…?

  • • RegTech beyond the Financial Services Industry

  • • Conclusion remarks and certificate delivery

Learning Objectives

Thanks to a mix of lectures, case studies and group discussions, at the end of the course, you will:

The programmes focuses on practical skills in core areas such as data analytics, block chain applications, disruptive technologies, data governance and security in the context of an evolving regulatory environment. The specific aims of the programme are as follows: -

Course Type Target Audience
Executive Program in Regulatory Technologies: Global Strategies and Scenarios Executive, CPD Executive, C-Level, Senior Management
Introduction to eIDV Technologies and Infrastructure Generic, CPD Operations, Technology, Compliance, Risk, Legal
Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies; Blockchain Business Models Generic, CPD Operations, Technology, Business, Risk, Legal
Collateral Management Infrastructure and Smart Workflows Technical/Operational CPD Risk, Legal, Technology, Operations
KYC/IDV API infrastructure Development and Integration Technical/Operational, CPD Operations, Compliance, Technology, Risk
Lead RegTech Infrastructure Implementer: Creating A RegTech Roadmap That Will Turn Compliance Into A Competitive Advantage Technical/Operational, CPD Risk, Legal, Compliance, Technology
Certification: RegTech Analyst Technical/Operational, CPD Risk, Legal, Compliance, Technology
Certification: Digital Regulatory Compliance (Smart GRC Modelling) Technical/Operational, CPD Risk, Legal, Compliance, Technology



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