Big Data

Big Data is one of the fastest growing areas of digital assets and infrastructure in organizations globally. The management of data is big business now, and it will continue to grow as long as more and more devices, technologies and services harvest more and more information from businesses and society. The ever-more compelling use-cases of businesses and functional managers that require a significant understanding of data as “constituency”, its value and use to enable them to interpret and utilize the insights from the data and take appropriate decisions to advance their company strategy and performance, is growing….and so is the rate of data growth; Exponential…

Course Type Target Audience
Creating Value and Insights from Your Data Assets: A Strategic Path Planning Executive, CPD Executive, C-Level, Senior Management
Introduction to the Big Data Universe: Impact of Big Data Organizations today Generic, CPD Operations, Technology, Risk, MIS/Strategy
Certification: Big Data & Analytics Project Management Technical/Operational, CPD CIO, Risk, Technology, Strategy, MIS, Strategy
Certification: Master Data Strategy Lab Session Technical/Operational, CPD CIO, Risk, Technology, Strategy, MIS, Strategy



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