Cloud Computing & Infrastructure

This is an innovative programme with an integrated delivery from end-to-end covering a range of Cloud Platform Development topics. The programme aims to develop learners' knowledge of the theory and practice of web development, database and cloud application design, development and deployment through Platform-as-a Service (PaaS) providers necessary for them to secure employment and perform in the area of Cloud Platform Development in a broad range of commercial, industrial and public sector environments.

Graduates will possess focused knowledge and specific practical skills in Cloud Platform Development. The programme incorporates Personal & Professional Development (PPD) within modules to enhance the student's employability, which will enable them to integrate seamlessly into an organisation by addressing skills such as leadership, self-management and teamwork that are essential in the area of Cloud Platform Development. The programme has been developed to ensure that participants are developing sustainable skills and knowledge that underpin Cloud Platform Development. Specifically, the programme aims:

  • • To develop knowledge and practical skills in web development and databases;

  • • To appraise cloud platform environments and subsequently design, plan and implement cloud migration strategies;

  • • To evaluate, implement and deploy applications on cloud platforms.

Course Type Target Audience
Harnessing the Strategic Value of Cloud Computing: Operational Case Strategies Generic, CPD Executive, C-Level, Senior Management
Certification: Cloud Platform Architect – Google Cloud Services (GCS)/Amamzon Web Services (AWS) Technical/Operational, CPD CIO, CTO, Technology,
Certification: Cloud Infrastructure (Private, Public, Hybrid) Planning and Project management Technical/Operational, CPD CIO, CTO, Technology,
Certification: Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS) Infrastructure Implementer Technical/Operational, CPD CIO, CTO, Technology



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